Lake of thousand souls
Where do they go? Where will they die?
Sailing round the world
Sleeping in Storm woke up my Mind
Following the time
Can't make their own decision
Carrying with the truth
Dreaming their lives oh what they do?

Who will dry their eyes?
We cannot see behind the door
Burning down the silence
Loosing face and cursing you
Ending those chapters
They've written another New One
Stolen words from book
Nobody reads but everyone knew

I know they're self-denied
Why can't wish „BON VOYAGE"
Don't guess why hesitate
Couldn't find a better way

Staring in the eye
What do they do? Why do they cry?
Sailing round the world
Only barefoot floating by night
Haunted by the time
Dying for religion
When? The time will tell
May yesterday or no more again

Dare to ask them why?
Wake me up so easy?
Dare to safe my life?
Run away...

The Sin Book

Why I stray into this hollow way
The God ain't send me though one nice day
I know no, no slashes anymore
How it goes – my shadow on the wall
I don't know how I can fall asleep
Goddam law I have to hitch my steed
Prepare to go and close the door
Rest in peace, me, the loser anymore

Let me see your scars
No wonder what you did
To have those on your heart
Ain't trying to defeat
Thirty thousand times
So far, light years from home

Calling final storm
Your innocence is gone
Tear your breath away
To stint your last week leaf
Hanging like your life
Preparing cold dark shield

Heavenward fire
Is burning down
I close the book
All's over now!

Let me be your dark
Just hearing your heart-beat
Take a walk and hark
No one will you meet
For the rest of time
Take a better me

Synthetic Flower

More colors than black and white
Coloured earth we're walking on
Things I never saw, never said, never felt
Strange our behavior it's not the same
The time have betrayed me again
Wings I never had, never get, never let me raise

For what we are living for
Period of deepest nights and brightest days
For moments that never came
For what we are dying for
Painting the life by our true colors
Then all of us will sleep an endless dream

Give me strength now I'm so weak
Wafted by the wind like leaf
How could reach the moon above
Crucify the love with love
Such a shame we had a deal
Life for lust and bad for real
Die to give a birth again
Like a wizard calling rain

More colors than black and white
Colored earth we're walking on
Things I never saw, never said, never felt

For what we are living for
Painting the life by our true colors
Then all of us will sleep an endless dream


Tryin' to grow the red rose on
Frozen ground
Buildin' endless bridge to dawn alone

What should I say what I did wrong
Understand me
Why do you have that empty soul my Cristina

Do you think you can own me
Building me a home and tomorrow
Do you think you can own
Building me a home

All for her I carry on
Falling down
Take hard work to cheer her soul once more

You have never felt forlorn?
Tearful nights
I paff your work but our child alone

What should I say if you can't see
What's the weighty
Why do you have that empty soul oh my Lord

Whera are no Angels

What you do to save my dreams?
Is it real or redundant?
You can hear the stories round your World
What you do to let me know?
Where are Angels without helo?
We can feel them all ain't see them

I can't fly although I want
Instead I fell to deepest mourn
Hopes faded away I hurt myself
You go to Hell!

I wish I could be like them
Throw all my worries away
Hopes faded away I hurt myself
You go to Hell

A Fragile Girl

As a teardrop fragile Fay I'm spinnin' around
There are things I couldn't even touch I don't know why
I guess there must be some
To wash away my tears
I guess there must be someone
Without those fears

Can I feel all the rhythm divine
Dream once again

I pretended courage but with empty hands
That time I was at still I'm
At the wrong place
With no weapon I am tryin' to find my way
That's not too hard to say that
I'm a bit scared

Defend me, hold me near
Guide me, lead me, please

I'm at loss for words sometimes even without breath
That's the way it is so long and
I can't dare
There are angels everywhere so wonder why
Why they're not livin' only
On the sky

Not a Single Word

Walking through these dirty streets
You're trying to find own memories
You've lost somewhere but no one can be found
Well my dear, you were so near
So close to glad my face your fears
And gentle breeze were almost disappeared

What a horrid world
No smile and no one pleasant
Not a single word
You're stayin' alone and lonesome
Alone and lonesome
Over there

Can you see through the tears
The sky is turning fine to wake up
Through the dream the warmth of memories

The Life Circle

Another one had died,
Another one was born
He's walking through
The journey he was made for by the fate

He's crossing our days
Oh poor weeping boy
You can deserve
To stay behind the Sun shinning on your face
What do you say?

Tonight we heal your heart and all dreams
Heal your scars by balm then we
Try to magic smile
Why you wonder why

She was a friend of mine
Such a beauty you won't see it twice
Every man lost themselves in her eyes

She loved the flowers blooming
I cry to see her lying on the floor
She never opens eyes to love them again
What do you say?

So Make a Wish

Dear Liar this was your last sentence
Told like the fear-minded faith
I swear this was your first and last
Regret that I have you ever met

Old lies there are with us forever
Dark days your soul eating fast
Small world beneath the blue sky never
Can't bear your lovin' face feint

What you do with empty heart
See the mission's over
Can not tell but can deny
Forget that we have some feelings all decided

You will feed own instinct
By my endless night

Temptation controls your mind
Inspiration leadin'
Can not tell but can deny
Forget that we have some feelings all decided

You will feed own instinct
By my endless night

Were we satisfied?
Havin' this creature soul
Fault we can not find
Alive forevermore

Forget My Name

Welcome down there in the shadows
We are hiding round our souls for centuries
So learn the truth or never
Know what to do forever

Whispered emotions to my „friend"
Forget my name
Promised devotion with no care
Forget my name
Forget my name

Slowly fallin´ livin´ danger
The past is calling no need to wake up memories
Just stay around and open eyes
Face the truth however

Do you finally believe me
Why I'm hiding lovely face behind the veil
So learn the truth or never
Know what to do forever

Altro che

Long for sweet heart to keep
Give a shield
Eyes wide open dreams were broken

The windy fields the misty morrows
You better sleep
I would like to turn back time
Altro che

Standing here I dare to feel
You are near
Vastly hard I try to speak
Words that spear

Waiting years for the only kiss
This is me
Hold the face almost forgotten
Altro che!

Embraced me not my dear say what
Needn't breathe
Awake your soul wishing the time
Can but heal

See me weeping oceans seas
Release me
Every emotion I lead to memory